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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Golden Glitter Vortex

Photography by Sally Matsukawa of Toy Elephant Photography. 2012 All Rights Reserved

Photography by Toy Elephant .
2012 All Rights Reserved

Facebook isn't life-  but it feels like it sometimes. Being a start-up means milking this social networking thing for all it's worth so I'm constantly in the feed.  Sometimes it feels like I'm getting pulled into the Ocean by the undercurrent.  Too often, it's 2a and I've checked up on a new post, then back to etsy, then back to facebook, then back to etsy, and now instagram only to find myself lost in the photo-stream of some long lost classmate while my phone vibrates next to me alerting me to some sort of update.  I feel hectic, I feel a bit lost.  I need a walk.  I'm wishing I could tear away, or go to sleep or get to work-  my real work of folding and pinning and sewing, or maybe just have an undistracted conversation.   But the screen pulls me close with it's hypnotic grip, so I do the best i can  to make it a useful experience.  After all, I am making connections never before possible, and sharing my art and ideas with an ease that did not exist in the past, but the feeling and sensation I wish I could get from this picture screen, is something distinctly human and tactile-  something I can only get by actually moving my body around to create real physical action and interchange.  Pretty wild stuff.  It's an electric light Jungle-  I hope to make it out alive.

Photography by Toy Elephant .
2012 All Rights Reserved  

Photography by Toy Elephant .
2012 All Rights Reserved 

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  1. OMG, Elisabeth -- I can't believe what you wrote. Just TODAY, I'm feeling the SAME THING -- even wondering if I'll make it out alive! FB is SUCH a trap for me. And I'm SUCH a COMMUNICATOR! How to control it???? It's that familiar feeling of wishing there were 5 of me -- or maybe 30! My instincts are the direct opposite of each other -- one to just quite Facebook and the other to communicate more and more, because it's all so pro-survival! But I need to get back to my WORK, which is my writing, which is so much what I need to communicate to the world, because it HELPS people. Yet, my contacts are so VALUABLE, and I help people on a daily basis, and those are the people I'll be promoting my BOOKS to! At least someone's taking lovely pics of you! And by the way, they're FANTASTIC! You and Sally ROCK!!!